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Storm Damage Assessment & Repair in Lincoln

Roof Hail & Storm Damage Repair in Southeast Nebraska

ROOF GUARD, LLC provides storm damage assessment and repair in Lincoln, Beatrice, and Southeast Nebraska. Whether you need a minor roof repair or have extensive damage to the roof, siding, and windows, we offer comprehensive services from a qualified and dedicated local team of professionals. We will restore your storm damage with products that will last you a lifetime.

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Storm Damage Assessment & Repair 

Unfortunately, damage from hail and strong winds is common in Nebraska. When your roof sustains damage in a storm, it can result in water infiltration and leave your home vulnerable to water damage and mold growth. Restoring the structural integrity of the roof is essential to protecting your home and avoiding additional damage and more expensive repairs. 

After the storm has passed, your local roofers will: 

  • Conduct an inspection to assess the damage 
  • Determine the work that is needed to repair the roof
  • Tarp the damaged area to protect your home until the repairs can be completed 
  • Develop a custom plan to restore your roof 

Depending on the scope of the damage, your roof may need repairs or a complete roof replacement. A variety of quality roofing shingles and roofing system components are available to provide the ideal solution for every home and a lifetime of protection for your property. 

Storm damage is not always limited to the roof. The entire exterior of your home is vulnerable to strong storms and wind-driven rain. When your home has sustained damage in multiple areas, it is helpful to be able to deal with one contractor for all your repairs. In addition to repairing your damaged roof, we offer storm damage repair for other damage. If your siding, windows, or gutters sustained damage in a storm, all your repairs can be completed by one local business. 

Helping With Your Insurance Claim 

For many homeowners, dealing with the insurance company and navigating the claims process is the most frustrating part of storm damage repair. Our roofing company works with all insurance companies for storm damage assessment and repair in Lincoln, Beatrice and Southeast Nebraska. We work cooperatively with insurance agents, claims adjusters, and independent adjusters. 

When your roofing contractor works respectively with your insurance company, you are more likely to get proper payment for your damages. A knowledgeable and established roofing contractor knows how to navigate the process to help you maximize your coverage and facilitate prompt repairs to restore your roof and ensure that your home is protected.

Navigating Storm Damage: FAQ

Why is a prompt storm damage roof assessment important for my Lincoln home?

Swift assessment is crucial. Roof Guard's expert team evaluates storm damage promptly, preventing further issues. Our quick response safeguards your Lincoln home from potential leaks and structural damage.

How does Roof Guard conduct storm damage roof assessments in Lincoln, NE?

We employ a thorough approach. Roof Guard's skilled roofers meticulously inspect your Lincoln property for storm-related issues. From shingle damage to hidden leaks, our assessments leave no stone unturned, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the damage.

What is the timeframe for scheduling a storm damage roof assessment with Roof Guard in Lincoln?

We prioritize urgency. Roof Guard understands the time-sensitive nature of storm damage. Contact us promptly, and our team will schedule a swift assessment for your Lincoln home, expediting the process to address any potential roofing issues.

Does Roof Guard assist with insurance claims following a storm damage roof assessment in Lincoln, NE?

Absolutely. Roof Guard not only identifies storm damage but also aids in the insurance process for your Lincoln home. Our team assists in documenting the damage and works closely with insurers to streamline the claims process, providing homeowners in Lincoln with comprehensive support.

Call For a Prompt Roof Damage Assessment 

Discovering that your roof has suffered damage in a storm is an extremely stressful and confusing time. When you work with the pros at ROOF GUARD, LLC for storm damage assessment and repair in Lincoln, Beatrice, and Southeast Nebraska, you can, you can expect superior quality workmanship, timely repairs, and the personal service you deserve. We strive to exceed your expectations and always stand behind the quality of our work. 

Get in touch with us at (402) 224-6188 to schedule a roof inspection and learn how we can help with your repair. 

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